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Barry’s music is being used in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, and medical practices.

With over three decades of profound impact, Barry Goldstein stands at the intersection of music and healing as a visionary composer and sound expert. His Grammy Award-winning production and vibrational expertise bridge artistic expression and scientific innovation. Barry's collaborations with industry luminaries such as Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dave Asprey, and other transformational leaders underscore his unique ability to harness music as a powerful tool for emotional and cognitive wellness.

In corporate workshops and healthcare facilities, Barry introduces 'acousticeuticals,' a term he coined to describe his innovative products that merge sound with health benefits to improve well-being, reduce stress, and foster productivity. His music is widely used in hospitals, hospices, and medical practices, and continues to be the focus of cutting-edge research into its health benefits.

Barry’s Innovative work in musical branding stands out as he develops sonic signatures that not only enhance identities for corporations, entrepreneurs, influencers, and transformational leaders but also “Magnify their Missions” through the transformative power of music!

Barry's approach to creating music for film and TV extends beyond standard methodologies. He leverages his in-depth knowledge of how music can impact emotions and applies specific proprietary protocols to craft compositions that explore the potential to reach specific states amongst viewers. This tailored approach allows for a deeper connection and a more profound emotional response, enhancing the storytelling power of visual media.

Barry's extensive portfolio showcases his product development expertise, including producing the Grammy-winning "69 Freedom Special" with Les Paul and creating ambient soundscapes for New York Times best-selling authors like Shirley MacLaine, Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, and Anita Moorjani. His music has reached broad audiences, charting on the Billboard top ten New Age albums and crafting impactful soundtracks for major films, TV shows, and #1 PBS specials. His products and productions have consistently achieved top rankings, reflecting his significant impact on the industry.

Continually pushing the boundaries of music, Barry is also dedicated to producing and developing new artists and innovative approaches to pop music, redefining mainstream genres as we know them. His ongoing projects in the music industry, technology and app development, ensure that his influence and contributions continue to evolve and resonate across different audiences and platforms.

In addition to his creative work, Barry is committed to teaching and sharing his expertise through transformative courses on the therapeutic applications of music. His groundbreaking educational programs empower students to harness the power of sound for transformation and well-being. Barry also selectively licenses his vast music catalog to projects that resonate with his mission, further extending his impact on wellness, creativity, and personal growth.

His acclaimed book, "The Secret Language of the Heart," has become the go-to manual for individuals looking to utilize music beyond art and entertainment. It is packed with extensive amounts of research and delves into music's therapeutic potential, establishing Barry as a key figure in integrating sound with holistic health strategies.

Partner with Barry Goldstein to discover how the strategic use of sound can elevate your brand, enrich your corporate environment, transform health and wellness, innovate pop music, and enhance film experiences through the universal language of music.

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