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Program 1 – Musical Prescriptions for Health

Music as medicine is gaining attention in the medical world as we begin to uncover the possibilities of prescribing a low cost, non-invasive treatment utilizing specific music for specific conditions. Barry Goldstein unveils new science and research uncovering the true potential of music in Integrative medical settings. Barry bridges the science into experiential processes that address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being of patients, physicians, caretakers and medical staff. Barry defines entrainment, resonance, and coherence and will unveils new research documenting the benefits of music, chanting and mantra. Attendees will leave with practical methods to select specific music to address stress, anxiety, pain, depression and insomnia.


In this exciting presentation Global Health Educator and Physician Dr. Donese Worden and Multi Award Winning Producer Barry Goldstein will uncover new studies in the role of bio-energetic medicine, frequency, sound, vibration and music in medicine.

Presentation Objectives:
  • Introduction to the science of bio-energetic medicine
  • The role of music to treat yourself, your patients and your environment
  • Leading-edge affordable and time saving nutrition and exercise
  • Powerful relaxation techniques for yourself and your patient’s
  • Tools for beginning and ending your day to increase energy levels and help with sleep patterns
  • The role of intention in the workplace to increase patient and employee satisfaction
  • 5 minute power-tools to transform you and your environment

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