Barry Goldstein Event Topics

Corporate Workshop: Orchestrating an inspiring career


  • Meet Barry Goldstein- The road to the Grammy’s and beyond
  • Attain cutting edge music research to enhance productivity and creativity
  • Implement sound techniques to relieve physical, emotional and mental stress
  • Understand how to use your inner orchestra to enhance the decision making process
  • Learn how specific music can balance the analytical mind and the passionate heart
  • Utilize music as a bridge to your desired emotional states
  • Become the D.J. of your life to stay connected to your goals and vision
  • Master the three most important times of the day to use music
  • Create on ongoing music program to maximize every day

The Secret Language of the Heart Full Day Workshop

How to use Music, Sound and Vibration to Create Healing and Personal Transformation

  • Learn how to re- center and find “Home” with the Heart Song Breathing Process
  • Discover music as a tool that can engage and improve your brain.
  • Use musical pinnacles to spark your day and understand the importance of songs beyond art and entertainment
  • Implement “Musical Prescriptions” for specific medical conditions.
  • Utilize music to enhance the creative process and move through blocks
  • Create your own mantra’s to move through negative situations and challenges
  • Engage in group chanting to release the analytical mind and implement the research based benefits
  • Deeply delve into harmonizing and balancing the energy centers (Chakras) with new clarity and understanding utilizing tuning forks, toning, intention and song.
  • Craft a daily “Things to be” list to create your ultimate day.
  • Construct your own daily musical program to transform your life!

Keynote Presentation for Medical Conferences(CME), Holistic Expo’s and Grand Rounds

Music as medicine is gaining attention in the medical world as we begin to uncover the possibilities of prescribing a low cost, non-invasive treatment utilizing specific music for specific conditions. Barry Goldstein unveils new science and research uncovering the true potential of music in Integrative medical settings. Barry bridges the science into experiential processes that address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being of patients, physicians, caretakers and medical staff. Barry defines entrainment, resonance, and coherence and will unveils new research documenting the benefits of music, chanting and mantra. Attendees will leave with practical methods to select specific music to address stress, anxiety, pain, depression and insomnia.

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